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Portfolio Rental Loan (Standard)

Use our Real Estate Portfolio Loan to unlock equity and grow your Rental Business.

Our Real Estate Portfolio Loan is designed to help Rental investors Purchase multiple properties at the same time and/or unlock their equity and get cash out of their existing Rental investment properties. Consolidate multiple rental property mortgages into a single loan so you can continue to grow your portfolio.

Speak with our Portfolio Managers & Learn More About our Products:

Here are some Key Facts about our Real Estate Portfolio Loans:

  • Is a Commercial loan underwritten on property cash flow

  • No personal income verification is required

  • Refinance an existing Portfolio with our Streamline Refinance!

  • No limit to the number of properties that can be financed

  • Designed for buy-and-hold investors

  • Exclusive for Real Estate Rental Properties

We offer 2 types of Rental Portfolio Loans

  1. Standard Portfolio Rental Loans

  2. Express Portfolio Rental Loans

Standard Real Estate Portfolio Rental Loans

Rental Portfolio Loans are great products for real estate investors to acquire new investment properties and expand their rental portfolio. Purchase or refinance a portfolio of rental properties or Refinance and acquire properties under the same transaction. With no limit on how many properties you can buy, the sky is the limit on this program. When applying for a portfolio loan National Private Lending also get you approved for a Real Estate Investing Line of Credit, which allows you to do multiple transactions simultaneously.

Rental Property Portfolio Loan Interest Rate Start as low as 4% for a 5, 7, or 10 year loans with a 30 Year full amortization, with interest-only option available. For a 30Year Fixed Loan, check out our Express Portfolio Rental Loans.

Interest Rates could vary depending on market conditions, the risk factor of the loan, credit scores, experience and/or your company profile in general, so always feel free to give us a Call for a Quick Quote, we'll ask you a few simple questions and we'll be able to give you a quote instantly.

Standard Portfolio Rental Loan Amount start at a minimum of $500,000 Loan Amount and it will go up to $10,000,000 Million, if your property portfolio requires a lower start amount check out our Express Portfolio Loans which start at $100,000 value per property.

Property Minimums

  • Minimum property value is $40K, but portfolio must maintain an average value of $50K.

  • Individual properties with a property value below $75K will be limited to 60% LTV.

  • If the Portfolio has an average property value < $75K the portfolio must have a minimum DSCR of 1.40x.

  • Interest-only loans will require a minimum average property value of $100K

Rental Property Loan Terms are 5, 7, or 10 year loans with ballon due at end of term, this particular loan program has a 30 Year full amortization, with interest-only option available. For a 30Year Fixed Loan, check out our Express Portfolio Rental Loans. With our Rental Portfolio program you will be required to have an Entity, a Special Purpose Entity and must be a Newly Formed LLC only, unless you already have an LLC that was used exclusively for a previous loan transaction with us.

*Have any specific questions? Schedule a quick Consultation today!

Our Rental Portfolio Loans, it doesn't require experience as a landlord but does requires experience owning a property in the past, so new real estate investors are welcome! (No 1st time home buyers) as a side note, property loan pricing, leverage and required reserves will be determined based upon experience.

Maximum Leverage for Purchases, Purchase a Rental Portfolio with National Private Lending loans for maximum leverage... Up to 75% on purchase, limited cash-out refi, and cash-out refinances.

Refinance a Rental Portfolio, if you are looking to refinance a Rental portfolio and you are looking for Maximum Leverage, our Rental Portfolio Loans are made for it. Finance 75% on rate & term loans and Up to 75% on cash-out refinance 🤯

When do we use Value vs Cost Basis? for real estate rental property loans. we require a seasoning of 180 days to use new value or Cash out [Purchase Price + cost of work completed, if any. (Verified and provided by Inspector)]

Rental Property Loans are specifically to purchase real estate investments properties with the intention to rent them to your local market. We fund up to 75% of the purchase price and up to 75% on cash-out refinance.

You can use our rental loans for all your Non-Owner Occupied properties / real estate investments, including the following types:

  • Single Family Residences (SFR)

  • 2-4 unit residences

  • Condominiums: warrantable and non-warrantable (with reduced leverage)

  • Townhomes

  • Planned Urban Developments (PUD)

  • Multi-family, 5-20 units

Finally, Rental Portfolio Loans for Foreign Nationals are allowed up to 65% of the Loan to Value of the investment property, with the exception of ineligible countries.

Why Choose a Rental Property Line of Credit?

  1. Our Rentals Line of Credit is designed for investors who need funding for multiple rental properties.

  2. Applying for a Rental Line of Credit is easy and allows investors to close more loans quickly.

  3. Grow with us, as you fund more property loans with us and gain experience, your terms may improve. Extensive Rehab financing is available for larger Fix & hold projects.

To Speak with a Portfolio Manager & Learn More About our Products:

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