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Real Estate Bridge Loans

Grow your investor business with us. Bridge loans are ideal for temporarily holding assets.

Need more time to turn a property or complete your light rehab project?

Consider a National Private Lending Bridge Loan. Time is money, we offer both.

Key Facts About Our Bridge Property Loan

  • As-is appraisal only, no ARV

  • No-fee alternative valuation option now available (for eligible properties)

  • Self-funded cosmetic rehab allowed (up to 25% of cost basis)

  • Up to 80% LTV for purchases

  • Up to 75% LTV for Refi's

  • Optional interest reserves

  • NO prior experience required

  • 12- or 18-month property loan terms

  • Individual property loan amounts from $50K to $3MM

  • Minimum 620 FICO

  • Foreign Nationals eligible

Real Estate Bridge Loan Purpose

Bridge Loans are great products for self-funded cosmetic rehab, we allowed up to 25% of cost basis with no rehab holdback. Property as-is are required to be 100% complete and marketable. When applying for this loan National Private Lending also get you approved for a Real Estate Investing Line of Credit, which allows you to do multiple transactions simultaneously. Real Estate Bridge Loans can be used for purchase and refinance transactions.

Bridge Loan Interest Rate vary depending on the risk of the loan so always feel free to give us a Call for a Quote, we'll ask you a few simple questions and we'll be able to give you a quote instantly.

Bridge Loan Amount, Under this program we can lend a minimum of $50,000 and we'll go all the way up to $3,000,000 Million, if your property or project requires more check out our Bridge Loan Plus.

Bridge Loan Terms are 12 months as standard with an option to go up to 18 months if you need to. (Subject to loan level pricing adjustment)

Real Estate Bridge Loans have 2 different types of you can choose from to finance your next property, 1. you can finance it under your individual name, or you could do it under your corporation, LLC or Entity you own.

Bridge Loans also, requires no experience whatsoever, so new real estate investors are welcome! as a side note, property loan pricing, leverage and required reserves will be determined based upon experience.

Now if you are looking to refinance an Invesment property and you are looking for Maximum Leverage, our REI Bridge Loans are perfect for it. Up to 75% LTC / 75% LTV 🤯

Same for Purchases, bridge loans maximum leverage goes up to 80% LTC / 80% LTV🔥

One of the questions we get all the time from investors is, When do we use Cost Basis? for real estate bridge loan financing.

Well, we use it on purchases and refinances owned < 180 days and Cost Basis is defined as [Purchase Price + cost of work already completed (verified and provided by Inspector)]

Rehabs are allowed with Bridge Loans, only up to 25% of cost basis must be cosmetic and can include hard costs only, soft costs, GC fees, contingency fees do not apply.

With our REI Bridge Loans you can use it for all your Non-Owner Occupied properties or investments, including the following types: Attached or detached SFR, 2-4 unit properties, Multi-family 5 to 20 units, Mixed-use and Condominiums.

Finally, Real Estate Bridge Loans for Foreign Nationals are allowed up to 75% LTC or 70% LTV of the investment property, with the exception of ineligible countries, you can find a list of ineligible countries here.

Why Choose a Bridge Property Loan?

Bridge loans are a short-term flexible loan solution, ideal for temporarily holding assets.

Long term rates too high to lock in? Bridge loans can be used short-term to float the market.

Tap into your cash with Bridge financing! Both purchases and refinances are eligible.

To Speak with a Sales Rep & Learn More About our Products:

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